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I'm pretty sure I was at least 22 before I realized that brats, fish sticks and cheese curds weren't food groups. But having been born and raised in the state of Wisconsin it was probably just inevitable.

Since graduating from college, I've been on a mission of sorts to discover foods and cuisines I never got a chance to experience growing up. I slowly tackled working through cookbooks I got as gifts (before the time of websites and blogs!) and tried to make anything I saw on television that sounded good to me. From all of that cooking, I learned that I've never met a recipe I couldn't tweak in some way.  I like to spend time going to markets and festivals and dining out at restaurants where I can try new dishes.  

This journey also taught me that my outlet for relaxation is cooking and entertaining. No matter how stressful life is, or how frustrating things get, cooking and teaching others about food helps me relax and focus on the more important things in life. The smell of fresh cut rosemary or finding that perfectly grown habanero in my garden that is ready to be picked just makes me smile.  It really is the little things.

What I have more recently discovered, is that not a lot of people consider cooking, gardening or entertaining all that much fun! (*gasp!*) And so, this food blog and my business, argyle APPETITE, were born!  To share my passion, follow my dream and show others that with just a few tips and tricks up your sleeve this whole "cooking thing" isn't as hard as it first seems. 

Along the way, my wonderfully patient husband gets to be my trusty taste tester and kind critic while my cat Otis handles the quality control by quite simply reminding me to slow down and enjoy life for what it is!  I would love to hear from you so please send your ideas and suggestions to framework1005@gmail.com

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